A couple of years ago, I was corresponding with a high school classmate of mine about a reunion.  Hugh had left the east and was living in New Mexico.

“What I really miss is the green,” he said to me in an email.  “I’m thirsty for it.”

Well, it was spring, and that evening I was walking my dog Cooper by the river.  It was hazy, but very green and bluebells were blossoming.  Thinking of my friend Hugh, I snapped a cell-phone picture and sent it off to him.


Bluebells with a BonusIt was actually a nice picture, somewhere between a color and a black and white, because the light was diffused.  I liked the picture, and made it my computer’s background photo.  About two weeks later, while talking with a client, I realized that there was a bonus to this picture.  There on the right, was Cooper.   Pooping.

Today is Cooper’s 14th birthday.   We didn’t think he would make it this long, as he has been in poor health for the last couple of years.  He’s always made me laugh, usually at myself.

Happy Birthday, Coops!  And many more.


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44 responses to “Cooper

  1. Happy Birthday, Cooper!
    Nothing like natural fertilization. Cooper understands that better than the rest of us. :-)

  2. Cooper sends his love back to you Tots, He is a very sweet old guy.

  3. twindaddy

    Happy birthday to Cooper!

  4. Thanks! He’s a good guy.

  5. Well, unless you’ve cropped the picture, one could easily assume that he’s merely sniffing the bluebells. You kind of ratted him out, Elyse! AND ON HIS BIRTHDAY!! =0)
    Happy birthday to my favorite dog I’ve never met!! Love, love, love to Coops and I hope he enjoys many more springs in which to fertilize many more bluebells!

    • One of the many wonderful things about dogs is that they love you even when you DO rat them out! Besides, Cooper has a great sense of humor.

      But no, I didn’t crop the picture — but I remembered it being a full body shot. I took a few that day and perhaps I deleted the funniest. Or perhaps I’ve seen that head thrust before!

  6. Hi,
    A very nice photo and I agree about the haze it really makes the photo, I didn’t see the figure in the corner until you pointed it out, it did bring a smile to my face. :)
    Please wish Cooper a very Happy Birthday for me.

    • Thanks, Mags; Cooper says thanks!
      The bluebells are just about to bloom — another week or two. And then the whole flood plane of the river is covered in bluebells. (And a little bit of dog poop.)

  7. I had two dogs that made it to the ripe old age of 15…..I have no shots of either of them pooping… are very lucky. Happy Birthday Cooper!
    Great picture.

    • Yes, this is a picture I will treasure. I’m considering taking one of the back yard before the next time I have to scoop it so that I can have a matching pair!

  8. I love the picture — it actually looks almost like it could almost be a watercolor. Was the client you were talking to someone you’re on “hey, wait a minute — my dog is pooping in this picture” terms with?

    Happy birthday, Cooper.

    • It was one of those embarrassing work situations. The client was new, and since I snorted AND spat out my coffee, I had to explain it to her. Fortunately, all my clients are nice people. Imagine having to tell someone with no sense of humor what happened!

  9. My two big dogs, Tucker and Sadie, send love and birthday wishes to Cooper! They say, “Way to go!” hehe.

    Also, I have nominated you for the “Beautiful Blogger” Award, which I can see is not an unusual event for you! Thanks for your wonderful wit and great writing. Enjoy Cooper’s birthday!

    • Thanks to you and to Tucker and Sadie. Cooper has always been a social guy and would probably happily share his bluebells with them.
      And thanks for the award, Momshieb. I appreciate it. I went over to see the rules and didn’t — so let me know what I need to do (if anything).

  10. Happy Birthday Coops – have a nap for me :) MJ

  11. Clearly he anticipate your comment; he’s already asleep!

  12. Happy B-day Cooper!
    Hey, at least like the nice photo that Cooper is in, what Cooper is doing is very subtly portrayed. Would have loved to witness your reaction when you first noticed! Lol :-)

    • Thanks, Chris,

      But if you had been there, you would still be cleaning the coffee spray off your clothes. Isn’t it amazing what you can see on a full computer screen that you miss on a blackberry?~

      And I will never be able to look at a bluebell without thinking of Cooper. It is his favorite, ummm, bit of plumbing.

  13. Awww happy birthday, Cooper! :)

  14. He appreciates all the love!

  15. Hah! LOL! Beautiful picture. Happy Birthday to the Coopster!

  16. You appreciate nature your way, Cooper appreciates it his. All is right with the world.

  17. Ha ha! Aw… you have a very special dog there, Elyse. Happy birthday to him!

  18. It’s true. I don’t like it when the bluebells tickle my bottom. He does :)

  19. You cannot go wrong with pooping!

  20. Only you would say that, Les!

  21. Happy birthday Cooper.
    Great pic. The surprise in the corner only enhances it!

  22. Happy birthday Cooper :) Hehe I searched and yes I found him in the pic!

  23. Cooper is usually quite easy to find. He’s laying exactly where I need to be~

  24. Good grief! Funny, as always.

  25. I love a good story about a dog pooping. Makes my day. How sad is that? ;)

  26. Dog poop makes us all feel better!

  27. Eric Murtaugh

    When you’re a dog, and you’re that old, you can poop wherever you damn well please, even if you’re doing so in someone’s nice picture. Way to go, Cooper.

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