Who Posted This?????

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Sorry to anybody who clicked on here to read a new posting.  I thought it would be fun to have one of these do-hickeys in my side-bar (which I do now) to know where my bloggin’ buddies are located.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that unbeknownst to me, I had posted today!  Because the flag counter posted itself. Really!  Worse, it didn’t even start at the beginning of my blog, but only with late this afternoon.  Curses!  Foiled again.  Or is it Flagged again?

It did give me a totally random opportunity to post this comment that I recently received.  I am hoping that it was spam.  At least, that’s how it was marked by Askimet.  I may need some extra hugs, blog hits and comments to be sure that somewhere out there, someone isn’t really thinking the thoughts we all fear folks are thinking.  Here’s what he/she said, sniff, sniff:

Hey, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boring… I miss your great writings. Past few posts are just a little out of track! come on!

Perhaps next time I am short of ideas, something else will magically appear here at FiftyFourAndAHalf.com.  Of course, if I didn’t write it, it will, naturally, be boring.




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40 responses to “Who Posted This?????

  1. Thanks Christy,
    I found this comment of yours (and another) in spam, too.

    Word Press is messing with us again!

  2. I have a feeling that was totally spam! I say delete and move on hehe. Hey at least you got a new post out of the deal :)

  3. It’s true. And scary!

  4. Like I have said, Big Brother is watching and now, evidently, posting on your blog ;)

  5. Don’t fret. That was clearly spam! And, if for some reason it wasn’t, not only are they Completely Wrong, but HOW RUDE! I Love your blog and have never once thought it was boring. Please do not listen to anything that is less than encouraging. You have plenty of die-hard fans that think otherwise and look forward to seeing new posts here on FiftyFourandAHalf!!!


    • Thanks, Cindy. Sweet words. I did know it was spam — the link to her blog came up “page unknown,” but I thought it was funny. Especially when this flag thingy posted itself! Who is writing my blog, after all! But you’re right the comment was rather rude nevertheless! Thanks for the support!

      • I have the flag counter also and do not recall that it posted anything. And yes, it is a bit frustrating that it did not go back to day one of our blog. However, it is an interesting addition to my homepage. I’m glad you know that the rude comment was just a fluke with NO truth in it!


  6. I think they’re just jealous.

  7. Elyse! I just caught up on all your posts. What was I thinking, not reading these golden gems for weeks? Rats to me!

    You’re so funny. You make me smile and laugh. Keep bloggin’, girl.

    • Thanks Lisa. I think not reading all these posts on a minute by minute basis will be a crime in the U.S. just as soon as the Democrats retake the House of Representatives. Good thing you’re a Canadian or you would be toast.

  8. John-Paul

    Damn it! Now Australia has five…

  9. John-Paul

    Hello. I am here out of self interest. I see that there is one person listed for Australia and none for New Zealand on your counter. I feel like it is important that I do my bit for my country.

    Sometimes I wish I could have a post automatically generated. Wouldn’t it be great on a slow day?

    • Patriotism and self-interest often go hand-in-hand, so welcome to the club.

      As it happened, the flag thingy posted itself on a very slow day, when I had not been able to write much of anything. Apparently, my karma is good karma.

  10. It’s interesting that with the on swipe theme, the comment box doesn’t show on my iPad, so I’m typing blindly and can’t see what I’m writing. Sorry for the errors or if it looks like hillbillies follow your blog.

    • You did fine — I look forward to comments from hillbillies! Actually, since being FP’d I have attracted a few followers that, well, are not people I expect to be in my camp.

  11. Yeah, I don’t get those comments. Everynoe and then I get one that says my blog is rife with grammatical errors, but they will be back. It’s in the spam box, so I assume this is some weirdo that’s trying to lure folks back to their site. Keep up the funniness.

    • I only realized it was spam since (1) it was in the spam folder and (2) the website associated with it led to “page not found.” Otherwise I would have felt obligated to post it, because well, if someone takes the time/trouble to comment, I always feel I should. Even if they are not so very nice.

      I’ve really only gotten one comment that was unkind. The woman objected to something I said (tongue-in-cheek) and said that she had “unliked” me. Sniff! But she wasn’t spam, so I posted it! Not everyone has the same sens of humor. I’m glad you do, though!

  12. I am glad you have trouble shooted the flag thing so I know what to expect if I ever get around to adding it to mine :-)

    • There are two different ones. I tried the more informative one once and it never appeared. So apparently I didn’t do it right. This one was pretty simple, and allowed me to post on a day when I didn’t have anything in particular to say! Win-win!

  13. Had to be spam. Sigh! You’re a great writer!

    • Thanks, Susan. I’m starting to feel sheepish though. I was just joking. Although I did get it, it was from one of those weird websites. People aren’t generally that mean!

  14. Spam-a-lot strikes again. Just ignore. You’re anything but boring, kiddo!!

  15. YOU are not boring. That other person was probably just having a bad day. I thoroughly enjoy all your posts!

  16. Awww… Elyse. That comment was definitely spam. You’re just as funny now as you were the day I met you. Whenever you get a spam comment like that just remember that you’ve been Freshly Pressed :)

    • Thanks, Paprika! I took comfort in the fact that it was tagged as spam by Askimet. Nobody who comments on my blog would be so unkind. My bloggin’ buddies are all nice — or they are quiet!

      But you know, except when they Freshly Press one of our gang, I don’t often think that the Freshly Pressed posts are all that funny. Occasionally, but not very often. My FP’d post wasn’t terribly funny at all, and that is what I’m usually going for!

  17. Misslisted

    sounds like spam to me! did it mention anything else? like Gucci handbags or toenail fungus? those are two popular subjects in my spam folder…

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