People My Age

Well, it’s my birthday.  And I have a problem.

You might have noticed it yourself.  You may even have asked me about it.  Or wondered in stoic silence.   “Whatever will she do?” you asked yourself.  I am sure it has been weighing on you — heavily.  As well it should.

“FiftyFourAndAHalf,” that’s the problem.  It’s right up there at the top of the page.  Yup, the blog’s name.   I called it that in a fit of pique at the GOP who were going to take Medicare away from everyone under 55.  Starting with me.  It seemed grossly unfair when I was younger.  Like, you know, six months ago.

But, ummmm.  I’m not FiftyFourAndAHalf anymore.  I’m not even FiftyFourAndThreeQuarters, either — the name my son, Jacob, has been calling me.   Because my 55th birthday is here.  I tried to stop it, but, well, I failed.  My bad.

I didn’t know what to do.  I thought of taking a poll:



I must admit I was afraid of your answers.  More importantly, I was afraid that I had more poll questions than readers.

But then I saw this:

John Gorka, singing “People My Age”

It helped me make my decision.  It stiffened my resolve.  I wish I had thought of it sooner.  Like 20 years ago.  But back then, I didn’t know that people my age had started looking gross.

So I’m not going on to FiftyFive.  I don’t want to be my age, because people my age have started looking gross. 

I’m sticking with FiftyFourAndAHalf.

Man! I look better already.

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107 responses to “People My Age

  1. Yay!!! Happy Birthday, Elyse! See, you are wiser in your old age, you’ve made an excellent decision to keep the name.

  2. Thanks Paprika! I think I just like the song!

  3. I was gonna vote for you keeping it the same anyways! Happy Birthday Elyse, and many many more! Do something special because you are worth it. Maybe get a tat that says “fiftyfourandahalf” lol

  4. Thanks, Lori. But no tats for me, Lori. You know how I worry!

  5. Happy birthday, Elyse! Do it up big, do it up right and come home in one piece.

    • It will be a quiet, staid evening, as befitting my personality. Or more befitting my husband’s personality. You know how they say opposites attract. They’re right.

  6. JSD

    Happy birthday, and I’m glad you’re keeping the name! :)

  7. RVingGirl

    Have a happy blessed Birthday Elyse. I LOVE the name and it is great you are keeping it!

  8. Hey, I just read something that said fifty five is the new fifty four and a half so you’re on trend. Happy birthday, trendsetter!

  9. OK, it’s late on my birthday eve, and everyone is choosing OTHER in my poll??? Sheesh.

  10. Happy Birthday my fellow Capricornian! Apologies for the web talk in my response to your poll. I don’t usually use “u” instead of “you” but it wouldn’t let me fit in all I had to say. (Imagine that?)

    Have a great day – remember – you’re only as young as the woman you feel, so go touch up some 20-something-year-old, and you are all good for the day!

    • Thanks! We Capricorns are the best and the brightest. Well, maybe not so much me, as I am on the cusp. That and I cannot access the “OTHER” responses to my poll! I will have to work on how to do these a bit!

      Hmmm a 20 year old. You have just sent my son and all his friends into hiding!

      • I found the comments! I am a technical wiz kid! Yahoo! I will post the answers, which are pretty funny in a couple of days!

        I’m glad I figured it out because I was feeling just a wee bit senile. Not a good way to start one’s birthday!

  11. Hi,Elyse,
    A very Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day. :)
    I have never heard that song before, it was hilarious.
    Keep your blog name the way it is, that way you can stay
    young forever. :D

    • I love Gorka. I heard this song on the radio one day while driving and laughed so hard I nearly ended up in a ditch. He has another funny one called “I’m From New Jersey” that’s really good too. HIs serious songs are lovely.

      Thanks for your b-day wishes! But I can’t stay “young” forever, given that I am, well, middle-aged. I’m planning on staying middle for a while!

  12. I just turned 55 myself. I have been able to celebrate birthdays in the last few years by pretending to be dyslexic. Last year I was 45. But, alas, it doesn’t work again until I turn 6. Happy Birthday!

    • You are brilliant. Nobody would be surprised if I were dyslexic since I am clearly ADD too, only without the H. I’d be funnier with an H…

      I read one of your posts this morning and loved it! Thanks for finding me — I’m following you now.

  13. Happy birthday Elyse! I hope you have a fantastic day and you get showered with cake! Not literally… although that would be kinda cool…


  14. Happy Birthday, Elyse! My birthday is next month…I’ll be 65!!!!! So you are a young chick…what do you think about that. :)
    And, I have a present for you!
    The Versatile Blogger Award….Sharon at dointhegratefuldance just gave it to me and I am passing it along to you because I’ve been enjoying your wry sense of humor these last few months and I want you to know how much I appreciate the smiles you start my day off with.
    I’ll come back in a bit and post the link to it!

    • Thanks for the birthday wish, Vivian, and an early one back to you.

      And thanks, also for the Versatile Blogger Award. A nice way to start my morning (cause today, the 18th is the actual day)!

  15. You could keep it fiftyfourandahalf and add the tag line “and counting.”

  16. Happy Birth day to you.May the celebration goes on and on!
    Do not change your blog name you can add an ‘+’ sign after fiftyfourandahalf; even i did the same thing in my about to me page, so that i do not have to update it every year. :)

    • Thanks Arindam! We’ve been celebrating since Saturday, since my son had to go back to college before the actual day. But I do have to stop, or I’ll look my age. And I don’t want to be gross!

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  18. I’m back, Elyse. Here is the link to the post that gives you the Versatile Blogger Award.

    Here’s to a great year!

  19. by all means, Keep it :)

    Age is just a mindset anyways. I’m 9 in my heart.

    Happy Birthday!!

  20. Thanks, MJ. I had a witty response in my head, but my husband is listening to a news report on dementia and I forgot what I was going to say.

  21. twindaddy

    Man! I look better already.
    Hahahahaha. You crack me up.

  22. Judy

    I vividly remember celebrating your 28th birthday with Chunky Soup and cheese popcorn, and can honestly say that you are as much fun and as witty today as you were then…..but now that you have reached “my old age” it just takes a bit longer to remember the punchlines!

    Happy Birthday again.

    • Hopefully next weekend when we get together the menu will be improved! Cheese popcorn sticks to my dentures.

      And didn’t you read the post — I am NOT going to 55!

  23. Was wondering how I missed this…(I went to bed just before you posted)…well, I know you’re 54 1/2 if you post after my bedtime. So glad I didn’t miss the answer to the question begging to be asked. Happy belated birthday!

    • Actually you are right on time — the BIG DAY is the 18th, but it has been a crazy day and I posted just before I went to bed on the day before. Just to confuse EVERYBODY and to, hopefully get presents on BOTH days next year!

  24. rose

    Happy Birthday Elyse :)

  25. Happy birthday, Elyse! I love your current blog name. I agree, don’t change a thing. Hope you’re having a fantabulous day. :D

    • I’m having a great day, actually. I usually crawl into a hole and hide. Celebrating it is MUCH more fun!

      I’ll stick with this name since I can’t be called “She’d LIKE to be a Maineiac, Too.” Glad you approve!

  26. I agree keep it. It looks beautiful on you.

    • Thanks, Kibble! At least I won’t be looking gross, and at this age (or this age minus just a bit), not looking gross is as good as it gets without surgery.

  27. GOF

    Happy birthday.
    Keep the name and remain forever young at fifyfourandahalf.

    • Thanks GOF. Remain young? Ummmm, I’m settling for just not being gross, like the song says. To be forever young I will have to have stem cell treatment replace 90% of me!

  28. Have a wonderful birthday. Good for you for keeping the name! You’ll always feel young (or at least younger).

    • Thanks OG — it’s been a great b-day. Glad you voted for me to keep the name. i am not sure that I will feel young but maybe, as you suggested younger. Then I can fit in our current society!

  29. Happy birthday. I find every birthday (I think I’m 54. Yes, 54.) liberating and fun. I voted for “other” and said it’s a perfect time to reinvent yourself and you could start with your blog. Celebrate your age, your life! Maybe Fifty-Four and a Half can stand for the number of years you have left to share your wonderful ideas and stories! ;)

    • Well, 54 was when I re-booted myself back into writing personal stuff, so I think you are on to something. That’s the way to think about it. But I’m not so sure about living to be 109. My knees are stiffening just thinking of it!

  30. Happy birthday! Love the reason you picked the blog name.

  31. I arrived here a day late, but I hope not too late to wish you a Happy Birthday…. and hope that it was. With your sense of joy and humor how could it be anything else. BTW, it’s my year to turn 55 also. Thanks for leading the way. Enjoy always, T

    • Hi Tricia, I am afraid that I arrived a day early — I had a busy day today so I posted my piece last night. Today is the day, though. And thanks for stopping by. I’ve already scanned your blog — a book! Good for you. And a vacation in Scotland! My husband and I got engaged in Edinburgh, a magical city.

      Again, thanks for your nice comment!

  32. Cheers Elyse … and Happy Birthday (Belatedly … and now I’m bummed I didn’t stop by yesterday). Oh well – I just took a gulp of red wine from my glass in your honor!

    BTW … I’ve been working on a post about 55 … so stay tuned. Maybe I’ll get lucky and finish the research this weekend, thus be able to post in the next few weeks.

    A special thanks for continuing to stop by and tolerating my crazy schedule that limits my visits.

  33. RVingGirl

    Wow…….so many comments. It is fitting then that I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award

  34. Rename it “Still a Virgin” until–oh, wait, okay. Never mind.
    Happy Birthday!

  35. Don’t be afraid to steal something from Darla; she’s got plenty of good ideas and can afford to spare a few.

  36. Yes…gross is bad. You should change it to:
    TwentyTwoAndaHalf or KissMyAssandDon’tAskMyAge
    ………………just saying

    • Hey, Math WIZ, shouldn’t that be TwentyTwoAndAQuarter????? I mean if you’re going to go there.

      Oh, dear. Didn’t I say over on YOUR blog that I was being nice? Well the gifts are in, they are mine (I spat on them) and I can be myself again! Yay me!

  37. ;) Your blog looks great with its name. keep it! But enjoy the new round number, too! Happy B’day!

  38. Thanks! I don’t really get much choice in going forward, but I can fight for the name, anyway!

  39. Happy birthday, Elyse!! I was wondering what you were going to do. Yes, keep the name as it is and stay 54 and a half forever!

  40. Happy birthday! I am glad you are keeping the name of the blog, I really like it. Haha I was actually wondering if you would change the name over time… now I have the answer :)

  41. Yep, good move. It suits you perfectly. Especially the persnickety “and a half” – it’s so school girl, “so there!” Like Hermione in HP. :)

  42. Thanks MJ. Hermione is my hero and role model. I LOVE those books! :)

  43. Elyse, Happy Belated Birthday. I’m so glad you decided to keep your blog name. It’s your lucky number, or maybe it’s ours because we get to read your posts.

  44. Happy Birthday Elyse Good song ;-)
    Don’t change anything. When the lottery started in UK the first 5 numbers were easy as there’s 5 of us, what about the 6th, I chose 39 because that’s how old I was then, good job it didn’t start now as there are only 50 numbers ;-)

    • Thanks Nigel. I love that song. It’s been stuck in my head for a week, though, and so it’s losing something! There are 5 in my family too, and I choose lottery nos. the same way. Have you heard Frannie Liebowitz’s comment about the lottery: “I figure my chance of winning the lottery are the same whether I buy a ticket or not.” Love that, but still invest the occasional dollar!

  45. Hope you had a happy, peaceful, relaxing birthday! Glad you’re keeping the name. Yep, 55 is such a strange number; I don’t feel or think like 55, so ah-ha, I’ll just add those digits together…There! Much better and closer to my inner self. I’m only ten years old, cut me a break, willya? heehee…Birthday Hugs! :D

  46. Actually, I had the BEST birthday I have had in many, many years. Thanks to my family, my flesh and blood friends, and my blogging buddies.

    I’m not sure I want to be 10, though. Thirties were great, though. I’ll take that decade again, please. I just don’t know who to ask who can arrange it!

  47. Glad you are keeping it! You don’t look it, act it or think it. Because if you do, then I do. And I know darn fine I don’t. LOL So why change anything. It’s a great name and it suits your blog. Happy Writing, Elyse :)

  48. Thanks Janice! You don’t look a day over, well, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 20. I mean 16. I mean 30 …. ummmmmm

  49. Jackie Paulson

    Hey Happy (late bday) and I added you under blog roll (54 Photography friend)–

  50. Happy Birthday. I must confess – I have wondered if your blog was meant for just a half year or if you intended to change the name each half year – i.e. fifty-five and a half, etc. But I guess it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as it works.

  51. Thanks, Renee. It’s a looking before I leap!

  52. Clinton

    We missed your birthday? Ouch. I’m sorry. But we’ve been in hell around here. I do have a birthday poem I wrote for people our age that I could send belatedly if you’d like.

  53. I think I am afraid of that poem. Maybe after it has been a while more since my birthday.

    Looking forward to hearing the story of the last couple of weeks in a more private setting!

  54. Hey, you have all of our permission to be whatever age you decide you are. OK? Fine. Now write on

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